Limezest Handmade Personalised Silver Jewellery

About me

I started making jewellery 9 years ago for myself and friends, just the usual beaded bracelets and necklaces nothing fancy.  I then discovered the world of sterling silver! If you could see the things I started making it slightly makes me cringe looking back.  I’ve come a long way since then! 


I started selling via my website and craft fairs in 2010.  I don't consider myself to be an expert and I have no formal qualifications, infact  I’m mostly self-taught.  I’ve been on a couple of one day courses in wirework and silversmithing, and what you see on my website is made at home in my studio, i have a whole room in the house dedicated to Limezest, which is quite a treat since i started out working from the dining room table!

Jewellery making for me has been one of those things where I finally feel like I’ve found the "thing" I’m meant to do! To me a joy to do.


Limezest is just me, I make, package and do the post run myself so items can take 1-2 weeks turn around, its not usually this long but i give you these timescales to ensure i have time to get everything just perfect for you.


I love seeing people wearing my jewellery, I bump into people in the street or at parties and they are wearing my earrings or necklaces, it certainly makes me smile!


Well that’s enough about me, I hope you like what you see and if you are ever in need of something new please get in touch I would be happy to make you something that you love!